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Ian Parker


Sat 18th May 7.45pm - Doors 7.00pm - Tickets £20


The Milk Men have been tearing up venues and festivals all over the UK with their dynamic, white hot versions of classic blues tunes and unforgettable foot-stomping originals. They have earned a reputation as one of the very best live acts in the country. Featuring the cream of British R’n’B talent and pedigree, the band draws its influences from early Rod Stewart, classic Rolling Stones & Steely Dan, to the heavier blues leanings of ZZ Top and AC/DC. Their four albums showcase the band’s songwriting talent for great riffs, catchy choruses and cheeky lyrics. Smy’s husky blues voice and Norsworthy’s bluesy melodic guitar lines build on the lithe, tight and punchy rhythm playing of Roberts and Green.

More information from or call 07890 118002

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