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Terms and Conditions of Hire - Covid Issues

1.1 The Village Hall Management Committee has completed a Covid Risk Assessment prior to opening up. This is available for viewing upon request.


1.2 For any activity the management of Covid risks is the responsibility of the hirer.


1.3 While mitigating measures are no longer legally required hirers may deem it advisable to implement their own mitigations, especially where activities take place in confined areas such as entry and exit points, toilet areas, table seating.


Such mitigations include:

  • social distancing at all times e.g. 2 metres between seating, max 3 persons in kitchen

  • use of disabled WC to provide lockable single amenity

  • use of hand washing and hand sanitizer - supplied

  • use of face coverings when moving around

  • avoid handling cash – ask guests to pre-book and pay online

  • cleaning of surfaces before and after use e.g. tables, chairs, door handles, window openers – wipes supplied

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