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Ian Parker


Sat 27th January 7.45pm - Doors 7.00pm - Tickets £20

True Strays

True Strays are lifelong friends, songwriters and country boys – Joseph James and James Cameron – from Bristol. They are fast carving out a niche of their own in the UK Americana scene. Their music is a cathartic celebration of alternative roots americana and blues rock. Their songs focus on the dirt that life throws at you and how struggle can be transformed into something better. The prolific songwriting duo draw influences from classic sounds such as Neil Young, Muddy Waters, Fleetwood Mac.From the rock and roll circumstances of their first meeting in a sand pit in a playgroup 30 odd years ago, they have completed countless UK tours, supported bands such as My Baby and Elles Bailey, played their first European dates and over 70 festivals. NB This is a full band gig.

More information from or call 07890 118002

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