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Ian Parker


Sat 20th May 7.45pm - Doors 7.00pm - Tickets £20

Ian Parker

We welcome the Ian Parker Band back to Eastwell after a truly memorable show in June 2022. A songwriter genuinely literate, sometimes almost literary, Ian is an original craftsman. Expressed through a distinctive bitter-sweet vocal delivery, Ian's songs hold nothing back. His ability and willingness to share with his audience, naked honesty and genuine emotion, is what sets him apart.
In 2015, Ian refocused his attention on the Stratocaster-driven blues music he began building his reputation on, more than twenty years previously.
Ian approaches his music these days with the calm, self-assurance that accompanies one who has, to some extent, been there and done it. Nothing to prove and still so much to say, Ian Parker remains an act not to be missed.

More information from or call 01949 869492 or 07890 118002

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