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Brooks Williams : What We Do


Sat 16th September 7.45pm - Doors 7.00pm - Tickets £20

Annie Keating

Annie Keating writes and sings like a woman who knows deep down that heartache is the price of hope, and she can make us believe – in that way that only the best artists can – that all of it is worth the cost. Over the years, she’s been compared with great artists ranging from Lucinda Williams to John Prine but now, in 2023, Keating has found a UK band that takes her talent to a whole new level through undeniably great live shows that deliver unbridled, raucous joy and an infectious sound. Following the success of her eighth full-length album, 2021’s Bristol County Tides, Annie toured UK in 2022 - her show in Eastwell being a particular highlight, and she is bringing the full band for a run of autumn ’23 uk/Ireland shows.

"Tremendous... Razor sharp rockabilly, sweet country and swampy blues, the band at full tilt."”~ Americana UK

More information from or call 01949 869492 or 07890 118002

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