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Eastwell Village Hall on opening day

Eastwell History Group

Come along and enjoy a fascinating series of presentations covering the history of Eastwell and surrounding area, the people who lived there and the events that shaped its story.



The Group carries out a wide range of activities, the most high-profile of which is the conservation of the ex-Eastwell Ironstone Co. locomotive ‘Lord Granby’ (see below). In addition, we research local history throughout the ages, undertake historical walks of the village and of the routes of the ironstone mining, and hold a variety of social and fund-raising events. For more information and to book your place on any activity please contact:

John Wood - john@lordgranbyrail.org.uk or 01949 861836.

See below on how to become a member.

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Did you know we have a 100 Club for the conservation of ‘Lord Granby’ our

ex-Eastwell Ironstone Co. locomotive; in service from 1902 to 1959?  


Just £5 per month gives you entry into the monthly draw for cash prizes.  Your support for this project is extremely important to us.


For more information contact John Wood - john@lordgranbyrail.org.uk or 01949 861836 or visit www.lordgranbyrail.org.uk for full details.


For the latest on the Lord Granby project visit our Facebook page


Fundraising Tea Towel – Get Yours Now - £4

The ‘Countryman’s Weather Sayings’ tea towel is now available and it is already selling well. At just £4 to members and supporters it is great value and makes an ideal present or even a wall-hanging display.  All proceeds go to Eastwell History Group funds.To reflect Eastwell’s rural community, it is based on the weather sayings of typical local countrymen and is a good quality cotton towel.  It makes an ideal present; get one for each of your friends.Contact John on 01949 861836 or see Alan at Crossroads Farm when you call for your farm-fresh milk from the vending machine – just £1 per litre.

Lord Granby and the 100 Club

EHG Lord Granby locomotive

Woodland Trust. We hope to have a speaker from Woodland Trust with us some time in late spring to bring us up to date on the work they are doing on woodland conservation.


Wednesday 24th April, 7:30pm, Eastwell Village Hall

Metal Detectorist local metal detectorist John Cook is visiting us. John has a formidable collection of finds from his years of detecting locally including some rare and interesting coins.  He is very well informed and will be pleased to explain in detail the origin and history of his collection.  Free to members and those in full-time education, otherwise £3 entrance.


Wednesday 29th May, 7:30pm , Eastwell Village Hall

The Real Dad’s Army. Some of you may remember the visit of Jed Jaggard from Upanatem History who gave a very informative talk on the Cold War. We have secured Jed’s services again and this time he will explain to us in detail the part the Home Guard played in World War II. Jed is a professional historian and re-enactor and this will be a very interesting talk.  Free to members and those in full-time education, otherwise £3 entrance.


Sunday 28th July.  Starting at 2:30pm

Eastwell Guided Walk. There are many Eastwell residents who are unaware of the very long and interesting history of the village.  Eastwell History Group has prepared a guided walk which is delivered to visiting groups and we feel that it is time to deliver it to interested local residents. We shall meet at Eastwell Village Hall and then tour the village where the guides will point out the significant and historical features which you may pass every day but do not realise the significance of. We shall then return to the Village Hall for an afternoon tea and hope to have a forum with some of the long-standing residents who remember the village characters of old times and who can recount some of the tales of the village when it was very much off the beaten track including the visit of the travelling tailor and such as the arrival of mains water and mains sewage which is more recent than you might think.  This will be a very interesting event.  Free to members and those in full-time education, otherwise £3.  Afternoon tea will be available at a small charge.


Saturday 17th August

Eastwell Fete. We plan to put in an appearance at this year’s Eastwell Fete. We hope to transport the cab of ‘Lord Granby’ to the fete and provide the opportunity for visitors to take photographs of their friends looking through the cab windows with facsimiles of the working clothes of the ironstone workers, rather like the sort of thing seen at the seaside.  We shall also be promoting the conservation work done on ‘Lord Granby’.


Sunday 1st September at Crossroads Farm, Eastwell

Vale History Groups Get-together . We believe there is value in co-ordinating our work with other history groups in the Vale.  All groups find it a challenge to get enough active participants for some events and it may be that greater levels of mutual support would help.  As a result we plan to have a picnic afternoon on  We shall invite the Vale history groups and ask them to bring artefacts for display and discussion.  This will be an open event.


Saturday 26th October at 7:00pm, Eastwell Village Hall

Steam Dinner. Many of you will remember the two Steam Dinners held in recent years to raise funds for our steam locomotive ‘Lord Granby’. They comprised a two-course high quality meal.  These have been great social events and several people have asked us to run this again. More details will be available later.


Wednesday 30th October, 7:30pm, Eastwell Village Hall

Annual General Meeting.


Wednesday 30th October, 7:30pm, Eastwell Village Hall

4th Annual Pub Quiz.  We look forward to seeing you there.


We rely on the subscriptions received from members and the more members we have the more we are able to do.  If you are not already a member you can easily become one by making a payment of £10 to:

CAF Bank, sort code 40-52-40, account number 00027119, Eastwell History Group.  

If you can set up a standing order for this with your bank you will be even more welcome!