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Brooks Williams, Aaron Catlow & Phil Richardson

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January 2020 marks 30 years since Brooks Williams’ first album came out. 30 years

since the Washington Post’s glowing review of that album. 30 years since National

Public Radio’s Noah Adams interviewed him about that album. It’s where it all began. The subsequent 28 recordings, the numerous international tours and festival

appearances, the countless hours and miles on the road and in the studio.


Brooks is renowned as a fiery guitarist, a smooth-as-silk vocalist, and a stunning songwriter.  “A beautiful voice that you just melt into.”


Aaron Catlow is half of the Bristol based duo with Kit Hawes. Their take on acoustic and folk music is fresh and inventive. They re-shape traditional music as well as write their own.


Phil Richardson is a pianist who creates vibrant arrangements with an unassuming musicality and subtlety of taste. He can turn his hands, literally, to any style - the resonance of jazz alongside the harmony of pop - but the ever-pervasive vibe is the rocking earthiness of roots blues and gospel. There’s a bit of New Orleans and Memphis flowing out of this Newcastle-upon-Tyne native’s fingers.


It promises to be a very special evening.


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Sat 18th April 7.30pm, Doors open 7.00pm

Tickets £15.00 (plus £1.50 online booking fee)

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