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Bob Cheevers

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Bob grew up steeped in the R&B flavors of his home town of Memphis, leaving after his college years there to spend 25 years in the pop music scene of the west coast, followed by 16 years as a journeyman writer in Nashville before moving to Austin, Texas. In 2011 he won the Texas Music Award for “Singer/Songwriter Of The Year.


His 50-year journey has included touring Europe and the UK for a dozen years and opening for Johnny Cash. That journey has led to the writing of over 3000 songs in multiple genres, decades living in the music centers of Memphis, Los Angeles, Nashville and Austin, and now, the release of what Cheevers feels is his masterpiece - an epic boxed-set retrospective, “Fifty Years” featuring 83 songs selected from his 10 previous CDs along with unreleased master recordings that have been collecting in his vault for decades.


“Bob Cheevers is one of the best songwriters I’ve ever heard. The heart of America is imprinted on every song he writes."

“Cheevers speaks from the heart as he explores the contradictions of being a white Southerner…of the ways pride and tradition and love of the land butt heads with sin and guilt”.


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Message from Bob:


"Dear venue folks and personal friends in the UK:

It's with great disappointment that I am cancelling my February 2019 tour.

I’m unable to postpone surgery on my back and left hand any longer.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause anyone. I was SO looking forward to seeing you all in February.

My very best to all of you"

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